Still Not Providing with 24/7 Customer Service? Here Are 9 Reasons Why You Should Start Right Away!

Still Not Providing with 24/7 Customer Service? Here Are 9 Reasons Why You Should Start Right Away!

Trade has been a part of our civilization almost since the dawn of time. The exchange of goods and services is now a part of our DNA, and everyone belongs to the global trading network.


Today, trade has entered a whole new level as the Internet has changed the way we approach business. Customer service in every major business has become something that is not only well perceived but now mandatory. In this article, we will discuss the 9 advantages of 24/7 customer service. What are the advantages of such a solution and is it profitable?

Customer service – the highest level of consumer trust

Customer service seems to be something completely normal and common today. However, this solution is not as old as it might seem. Today, every large company or enterprise has a customer service department to contact its customers in the best possible way. We have listed below 9 reasons why you should have 24/7 customer service. 24/7 customer service:


1. Gives the customer a sense of security.

2. Increases the professionalism of your company.

3. Provides you with extremely valuable information.

4. Promotes both the company and its services or products.

5. Significantly increases customer confidence in the company.

6. Allows you to quickly solve problems and conflicts.

7. Minimizes costs (contrary to appearances).

8. Emphasizes the size of the company or brand.

9. Has a positive effect on the entire business.


Why is it worth having 24/7 customer support?

We live fast and intensely today. We are flooded by information every day, which makes us rely on our instincts (especially when shopping) and thus we sometimes get carried away by emotions. Who of us has never bought something under the influence of emotions? Emotions are evoked by successful marketing, which is primarily aimed at arousing interest. At this point, let us discuss a purely hypothetical situation, which in some way will allow us to illustrate why customer service is so important today. The customer enters a store without any specific intentions. He sees a new smartphone, but he already has good, reliable equipment in his pocket, so he does not even think to buy it. Leaving the store, he meets his friend who shows him a new phone and tells him that today there is an extremely attractive promotion. The customer, who at the beginning had no intention of buying a new smartphone, gets carried away and buys it. However, after returning home, he begins to wonder if the purchase made sense at all. He decides to contact the manufacturer to find out if the old type of SIM card can be used. It is late at night, but there is a 24h hotline on the box which operates 7 days a week. He calls it and the customer service specialists dispel all his doubts. He is now pleased with the new purchase.

This simple story clearly shows and highlights several of the above-mentioned reasons why you should have a 24/7 Customer Service department. Such a department increases the company's professionalism and at the same time inspires growing trust in consumers, because they know that they are taken care of. What's more, customer service allows you to eliminate any problems, ambiguities, or conflicts in a fast and effective way, thanks to which the company's image or brand only benefits from it. Thanks to the fact that the Customer Service operates 24 hours a day and every day of the week, the consumer has a sense of security because he is never left alone with any problem.


Valuable information provided by 24/7 customer service

It is widely known that knowledge is power. The information obtained through Customer Service allows you to learn about the concerns and habits of consumers, thanks to which your company can define its target group accurately. Some brands or companies are willing to pay huge amounts of money for the information that the Customer Service Department collects during its daily work. Therefore, 24/7 customer service is not only helpful but above all extremely useful. It allows you to convince customers to a given company or brand and gives a competitive advantage.

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