Customer support operations on demand

What successful businesses have in common is their customer-based approach. Patkoz is here to check all the boxes with a phone, live chat, and social media assistance 24/7.

Does your business deal with customers? There’s a chance they need help, and we’ve got you covered.




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Today, everybody owns a phone. Some may even want to use it to contact you, and they can do it any time. Whether it’s day or night, Tuesday or Sunday, our team is here to help.

Live Chat

The Internet is the fastest and most convenient way to get help. Our experienced assistants are ready to talk with anybody 24/7, no matter how complex the task is.

Technical Support

Sometimes, good intentions are not enough. A team of IT veterans is here to help with any issue, whether it’s basic QA or custom troubleshooting, all day, every day.

Support. Analyze. Improve.
Customer Client helps you to keep track of and answer all inquiries as soon as they come

One of the crucial aspects of a successful business is that they learn from their wins and losses. With Patkoz, you can keep track of the questions and answers and see what the customers are struggling with the most. With that, you will be able to create a better experience for them, making the world a better place.

Speak the language of your audience

Not everyone speaks English, and that’s perfectly OK. We provide multilingual customer support globally across all channels to serve others the best we can.

The Process

Patkoz is here to make your and your customers’ lives easier with a fully personalized approach.
It doesn’t matter who your customers are and where they want to reach you – we’re always there for them.



We understand that you may want to bring your own spirit into customer support. With an approach tailored to your needs, we are able to provide what you want and much more than that.


Once we know the details, it’s time to direct the leads to the clients. It will allow them to take further actions, closing the sale and marking yet another point on the chart.


We’re confident in what we have to offer. That’s why you can use a free trial to see for yourself whether 24/7 customer service is something your business needs.

A product is not everything

Whatever you offer, it should never simply be about the product or service. Turning your business into an experience for the customers will make them much more likely to come back and maybe even bring somebody else with them.

Happy Customers

Answered Messages



Scaling your business

Unlike physical shopping, the online world often offers little or no assistance. This can result in the customers leaving the website without taking specific actions, such as making a purchase. 24/7 support will clear any confusion they might have, increasing the chances of a conversion.

Perfect communication requires an equally great connection, and that’s when your Personal Manager comes into the picture.

We never hide anything. Chat transcripts are always available to the clients who can verify the quality of the services we offer.

Whatever you need, we’ve got you covered. Let’s make your customer support just as perfect as everything you’re your business stands for.

You can make changes any time you want based on the available data. Be one step ahead of your customers and never let them down.

It doesn’t matter where your customers are located – you can always find a common language, figuratively and literally speaking.

Every week, we generate detailed reports for further review. It’s a simple way to see what works and what doesn’t to always be better than the competition.

Start Now.
Pay Later.

We understand that there’s a risk associated with every purchase. You know it too, and that could even be a reason why you’re looking to expand your business by adding customer service operations. To take any doubts off our clients’ shoulders, we offer a free trial for you to make sure we’re on the same page. Then, if you like it (and we’re fairly confident you will), you can pick a plan suitable for your company.

Need a custom plan? Contact us

Need a custom plan? Contact Us


Advanced Search Analytics
Support via Phone
Technical Support
Chat Support
10h per week


Support via Phone
Technical Support
Chat Support
30h peer week
Trustpilot Strategy
Social media reply (chat, reviews)
Creating blog SEO content

“Excellent customer service is the number one job in any company! It is the personality of the company and the reasons customers come back. Without customers, there is no company!”Connie Elder

Team Members

Meet the people behind Patkoz

Lucy Tyler

Bilingual Customer Service Representative

Two of my biggest passions have always been people and languages. Now I can mix both creating an outstanding service.

Niels Ross

Project Management

What drives me the most is my passion for making the world a better place, and Patkoz is the way to do it.

Dylan van Dijk

Technical Support Specialist

I’ve spent years in IT and wanted to share my knowledge with others. My goal is not only to assist people but also to educate them.

Ivana Dobranska

Sales Manager

If you asked my past teachers to describe me, most would say I’m an extrovert. Interacting with people is not only my career but also a hobby.


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Industries We Serve

Different industries, same results

During over a decade of offering our services, we’ve had a chance to work with various companies from a wide range of industries and niches. No matter who the client is, we always make customer satisfaction our top priority believing that happy customers equal happy business.

Our Latest Work

Our Latest Work

Let us help your business grow.
Dive into our latest project ideas and ways to turn your company into an unforgettable experience.

  • When I started working as a freelancer, I never thought I might need customer support. With time, however, my business grew, and suddenly I wasn’t able to do everything on my own. Patkoz helped me maximize client satisfaction while I could focus on other projects.

    Laura Freelancer
  • As my business grew, I’ve decided to hire a couple of in-house customer support agents. I quickly realized that if I wanted to be there for my clients 24/7, I’d need a much bigger team, and the expenses kept growing. Patkoz helped me achieve much better results for a fraction of the price.

    Robert CFO, Tommy Hilfigger

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